Joinstar vs Omicron

A rapid antigen test is only useful if it can reliably detect what is currently the most common variant of the virus: omicron. The majority of tests currently on the market detect the nucleo-protein (N-protein). Due to their mutation, the N protein is pushed into the background in the omicron variant and the S protein becomes more important for detection.

The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut assumes that most of the antigen rapid tests offered in Germany and evaluated positively will detect an omicron infection.

We BesserTester strive to provide the greatest possible security. At all our locations we use Joinstar Antigen-Rapid Test Colloidal Gold, which is listed by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in the upper middle range as meaningful tests. Joinstar Antigen-Rapid Tests Colloidal Gold detects 64% of the rampant omicron variant.

For more information, we recommend the study by the Paul Ehrlich Institute:

Our promise to you: Together we make life worth living through safe testing!

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